Mnichovo Hradiště

This wakepark does not allow online payments in advance for bookings made.
To book the entire lift for one hour, reserve 4 seats. The system will automatically recalculate the best price. The optimal capacity of the lift is 4 persons and entitles the buyer (voucher holder) to designate the persons who can use the lift and the operator will not allow other persons to use the facility. Or choose a smaller number of places and give the possibility for someone else to join you and use the free capacity of the lift.

Cableway selection

Booking terms selection

Booking terms summary

It is possible to book a term at least 30 minutes before it starts. A booked term can be cancelled and the number of booked spots can be edited at least 90 minutes before it starts. If you want to book a term less than 30 minutes before it starts, or cancel a reservation or edit number of spots less than 90 minutes before it starts, check this option by calling +420 605 236 039.